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3-Days wellness retreat at The Amboseli Serena Lodge by Psychologist, Cathy Holden (MBPsS) and Co-Facilitator Cece Sagini


couples therapy in kenya

Destination Couples Therapy/ Retreats

Couples destination therapy and retreats in awesome locations with scenic views across East Africa.

Whether you are going through a rough patch in your marriage and in need of couples therapy to resolve your differences. Or maybe, you want to rekindle your love and enjoy each other’s company again. Maybe you have an amazing relationship and you would like to enhance your intimacy and passion.  We provide professional therapy sessions with Psychologist and Sex Therapist, Cathy Holden; whilst letting you experience the gems of different destinations, to enhance your experience.

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Mental wellness workshops + talks

Mental Health Awareness in Kenya is gaining momentum and more people are recognising the importance of thinking about their mental health. According to the WHO, one in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. Around 450 million people currently suffer from such conditions, placing mental disorders among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide. Factors like abuse, childhood trauma, unemployment, social media pressure, relationships can contribute to our overall mental wellness. We provide workshops and professional talks that help address these issues, as well as providing professional consultations with experienced therapists.

mental health in kenya

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